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Important. Fears and risks
Today we have prepared for you comprehensive information about the fears and risks of investing in #antare.topwith various investment examples.
1) What guarantees do you give that I will not lose my money?
We are an investment company that works with different asset classes, both risk-free and high-risk ones. Banks that promise 3-12% per annum also very often lose part of their capital and close. If you are given a 100% guarantee of keeping the deposit, it will be a fraud. This does not exist in the world, you can find detailed information on the official portal of the Australian government
We promise to trade wisely and take care of your funds, but we cannot give 100% guarantees.
2) I am afraid to invest my cryptocurrency because it may fall in price.
This fear is unfounded. If you invest under our special plan, you will receive your income for life in the cryptocurrency in which you invested. Also, our specialists are developing an option to quickly convert your cryptocurrency into a Tether (USDT) (this will be a one-time and irrevocable). This syndrome is called 'FOMO' (Fear of missing out).
Let's look at an example in Bitcoin. Suppose you decide to invest 1 bitcoin, the price of bitcoin is $20,000, after 2 weeks the price of bitcoin dropped to $10,000, this does not mean that you lost $10,000, you will receive accruals for life and in about 2.5 months you will receive 2 times more bitcoin than you invested and you will have the same $20,000, and now let's say that bitcoin has grown from $20,000 to $40,000. Then in 3 months you will have not 1 bitcoin but 3 bitcoins with a total value of $120,000.
It often happens that fear wins. For this, our developers create unique functionality. Converting a cryptocurrency deposit to fiat. You will be able to convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currency at the market price, functionality will be added after December 24th.

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